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INFANT MORTALITY RATE takes found sounds, homemade and circuit-bent electronics, tapes, and other sources, and assembles them into psychologically charged and complex soundworks. Over the years he has become adept at building visually interesting electronic noise makers and circuit-bending toys and radios.

IMR has been making noise and sound collage in Houston since the release of the cassette 'big secrets' through Mayday Records in 1991. Along with several solo releases and tracks on various compilations (see below), IMR has also been a part of the noise band Turmoil in the Toybox and the punk/psych band Sad Pygmy. Both temporarily reunited in 2007 to play live shows. In 2006, IMR played theremin as part of the live band that fully accompanied the Ornery Theatre production of the 1929 Expressionist play by Elmer Rice, The Adding Machine.

"14 Pews", 14 Pews, 2011
Sequential Circuits ProOne, theremin, samplers, circuit-bent radio, pitch-shifting feedback generator, tone sequencer.
"ZineFest Houston 2011", Khon's rooftop, 2011
Sequential Circuits ProOne, theremin, oscillator gloves, samplers, drone machine.
"KTRU Outdoor Show", Rice U. campus, 2009
Circuit-bent radios, theremin, oscillator gloves, prepared CDs, pitch-shifting feedback regenerator, sampler, modified vibrating football game.
"Hunting", Super Happy Funland, 2007
Circuit-bent radios, theremin, photo oscillator, prepared tapes, pitch-shifting feedback regenerator, modified vibrating football game and stage props.
The Adding Machine Band, FrenetiCore Performance Space, during July 2006.
Played homemade theremin in the live band performing throughout the play.
"Eat Worms", Super Happy Funland, 2006
Circuit-bent radios, theremin, photo oscillator, prepared tapes.
"The Blue Light", Super Happy Funland, 2006
Circuit-bent radios, theremin, photo oscillator, tone sequencer, prepared tapes and lighting design.
untitled (with Chuck Roast), Super Happy Funland, 2005
Circuit-bent radios, theremin, prepared tapes.

Down in Waves of Ether CDR 2011 [Mayday Records]
Radio-Electronics CDR 2005 [Mayday Records]
'big secrets' CDR 2004 (re-release with extra tracks) [Mayday Records]
Rituals of Termination CDR comp 2002 [Axis Mundi]
Averted Vision CDR 2002 (with Rotten Piece) [Mayday Records]
Blimp Needle CDR 2001 [Mayday Records]
Squidcomp 2001 CDR comp 2001 [Lazy Squid]
Lazy Squid X-mas Freakout CDR comp 2000 (with Rotten Piece) [Lazy Squid]
Music for Dining and Dancing CDR 2000 (with Rotten Piece) [Lazy Squid]
Dragons in Long Underwear CDR 2000 (with Rotten Piece) [Lazy Squid]
Puer Aeternis CD 1998 [Mayday Records]
CD comp 1996 [Bureaucracy of Hope]
Cataclastic Fractures CD comp 1994 [Lazy Squid/Deadline Records]
'big secrets' tape 1991 [Mayday Records]

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