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INFANT MORTALITY RATE has been making noise in Houston since the release of the cassette 'big secrets' in 1991. Over the years he has become adept at building visually interesting electronic noise makers and circuit-bending toys and radios. In recording, he utilizes a cut-and-paste methodology with both new and found sounds, combined more recently with the editing tools that music software can provide, to produce releases that tend to be complex soundworks evoking various moods. IMR makes only rare live performances.

He has also been a part of the noise band Turmoil in the Toybox and the punk/psych band Sad Pygmy, both of which have recently reunited in 2007 to play live shows.

Branching out in other directions, in the summer of 2006 IMR played theremin as part of the live band for the Ornery Theatre production of the Elmer Rice play The Adding Machine. In 2007, he started collaborating with Ayn Morgan to create the Voting Booth (an abstract audio/visual exploration of influences on and consequences of voting), which was on display at the Artcar Museum Sep. through Dec. 2007, and a retablo entitled Is That You, Uncle Charlie? as part of a fund-raising silent auction for the Lawndale Art Center. More collaborations are forthcoming.

'big secrets' tape 1991
Cataclastic Fractures CD comp 1994 [Lazy Squid/Deadline Records]
CD comp 1996 [Bureaucracy of Hope]
Puer Aeternis CD 1998
Dragons in Long Underwear CDR 2000 (with Rotten Piece) [Lazy Squid]
Music for Dining and Dancing CDR 2000 (with Rotten Piece) [Lazy Squid]
Lazy Squid X-mas Freakout CDR comp 2000 (with Rotten Piece) [Lazy Squid]
Squidcomp 2001 CDR comp 2001 [Lazy Squid]
Blimp Needle CDR 2001
Averted Vision CDR 2002 (with Rotten Piece)
Rituals of Termination CDR comp 2002 [Axis Mundi]
'big secrets' CDR 2004 (re-release, duh)
Radio-Electronics CDR 2005

This label's latest addition is the duo called RARE HUNGRY BIRDS. Expect songs, stories, and soundscapes of an eclectic nature, and visit their very own web site at RareHungryBirds for more info and the latest news about this new and interesting group!

FRYBRAIN has no releases yet on this label, but we hope to hear from him soon. The mutant fabrication of an alter ego of an alter ego, Frybrain comes out when no one is around and messes with our stuff. The result sounds vaguely like he doesn't know what he's doing, but that's the point. So far, he's appeared on the Cataclastic Fractures volume II comp CD from Deadline Records.

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