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Noisicians, Musicians, and Artists
The Electric Knives - New power trio featuring Scott Ayers of Pain Teens, Bob of Poor Dumb Bastards & Sad Pygmy, and Shaun of Rotten Piece & Sad Pygmy.
The Poor Dumb Bastards - Veteran Houston Texas Drunk Rockers at their perverted finest.
Turmoil in the Toybox - Real "noise band" of Houston area legends (including that IMR fella on theremin and many other things) that was most active in the late 80s to early 90s, reunited briefly in '07 for the Axiom 20th Anniversary Reunion show.
Rotten Piece - Chance, drone, humor, video, deconstructed rock, sound collage, psychedelia, electronics, homemade instruments, satire and dissonance.
Aynart - Talented Houston artist specializing in assemblage and collage.
Carlos Pozo - Dark ambience, sonic electronics, precision abstract visual art.
Kairos - Sonic drone cult. Space out, forget what you did, but know you loved it.
Muzak John - The wizard of whack. The captain of casio noise.
T.E.F. - Dynamic harsh noise coming out of Sealy, Texas.
Linus Pauling Quartet - The kind of stoner metal psych insanity that only Houston can produce.
The Wiggins - Wonderful one-man weirdness.
Ak'chamel - Catchy, ethnically-influenced psych rock
Edmo - Austin eastside ceramic artist.

Record Labels
Lazy Squid - You don't have to go far for this one.
Deadline Recordings - THE Houston label for harsh noise, power electronics, and more.
Fleece Records - Only da best Texas improv and psychedelic music.
+ p i t c h p h a s e + - Personal-size noise label run by Carlos (of Pechuga).

Sound Exchange - Cool independent record store in the Montrose area of Houston since 1977.
Vinal Edge Records - Another cool indy record store in Houston, now relocated to W. 19th Street in the Heights.

Venues & Radio
Super Happy Fun Land - Funky art and performance space that loves weird music.
14 Pews - Microcinema and performance space in old neighborhood church.
The Chestnut Tree on KPFT - Some of the best contemporary abstract and dark ambient music, with occasional guests. Fridays 2-5am 90.1fm and streaming through your computer on Now also on Tuesday mornings 2-5am!
Genetic Memory show on - Experimental music on Mondays 10pm to 1am 90.1fm HD2

Electronics & Software
The PAIA Theremax theremin - I built it, I use it, I love it. Probably better as a jump-back-jack rock-your-socks-off theremin rather than a stuffy stuck-up concert theremin.
Samplitude - Complete PC-based audio authoring, editing, and mastering. US distributor's page.
Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch - Makes you an instant dark ambient artist.

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