Here we find the band taking listeners on quite a crazy scary ride. Another CD with classic Pygmy tracks galore, with the multi-talented Dan Workman not only mixing the songs at Sugar Hill Studios but also over-dubbing lead guitar on 4 tracks. You'll also find 3 special secret bonus songs, and since they're secret, you'll have to look at the liner notes yourself to get the titles (yeah, I'm stingy). Try before you buy! Short pieces of most of the songs are playable below:  1. Nirvana Trump  2. Falling Down Song  3. Urethra Franklin  4. Bachelor Pad  5. Hospital Smell  6. Off the Hook  7. Woke Up Laughing  8. Macho Pussy Variation  9. Auto Wrecks 10. Frayed 11. Dept. of Useless Objects 12. Lectric Bed 13. Shitstorm 14. PBJ $10
You Must Be At Least This High To Ride