From the original Lazy Squid catalog: "A showcase of Houston's most unique and interesting bands that melds a wide range of styles into an eclectic audio portrait of the city." Try before you buy! Short pieces of most of the songs are playable below:   1. SQUAT THRUST Heapin' buttload Overdrive   2. SQUAT THRUST Nice Song   3. SQUAT THRUST The Smell of Butt     4. POOR DUMB BASTARDS Organic   5. POOR DUMB BASTARDS Gun Room   6. POOR DUMB BASTARDS Bubba Did     7. SAD PYGMY Nice Guy   8. SAD PYGMY Deep C Fry   9. SAD PYGMY Police State  10. KABLE Love Seat and Tiny Feet  11. HAPPY FINGERS INSTITUTE More Intelligent  12. HAPPY FINGERS INSTITUTE Cold War Super Hero  13. HAPPY FINGERS INSTITUTE Houston Prayer  14. 30FOOTFALL Neartown  15. 30FOOTFALL Tons O' Guns  16. DULL ACHE Seizure Salad  17. RUSTED SHUT Addiction  18. FEARED ALIEN VOODOO Kiss of the Hungry Donkey  19. FEARED ALIEN VOODOO Dumbfounded  20. POPPA GRIT Dickheads and Dumbasses  21. POPPA GRIT Dead Monkey  22. THOMAS AYRESOL Lulu Birthday Song  23. THOMAS AYRESOL Kill the Crow  24. RETARDO AL DANTE My Girl  25. DRY NOD Trapped     $10
Risk Is Just A Part Of The Game