1. 2011-12-19  2. 2011-12-20  3. 2011-12-25  4. 2011-12-27  5. 2011-12-28-a  6. 2011-12-28-b  7. 2011-12-30  8. 2012-01-03  9. 2012-01-07 10. 2012-01-08 11. 2012-01-10 12. 2012-01-24 13. Bone Breaks and Rusty Splinters 14. Naked Urologist Eats Germanium, Gets MRI 15. The Invisible Menace 16. Red Planet Beverage Company 17. Jam for Contact Mic and Geophone 18. Server Room Modifications 19. Put The Drugs In There Yourself 20. Wheel Or Teat 21. The ERNIE 4 Get Screwed 22. Lord Snooty and His Pals, Tap Dancing 23. Purpose 24. Man From GERD, episode 1 25. Man From GERD, episode 2 26. Man From GERD, episode 3 27. Howdy Buck 28. Nobody Cared (If It Lived Or Died) Welcome to Mayday's first compilation and first free download! Twenty-three of the 28 tracks on this lengthy comp are a collection of submissions by IMR  and frybrain to various netlabel comps over the timeframe of December 2011 to April 2014. We're shoving this booty in your face because we really think you'll like the smell. Also because many of these are easy to miss, even for the diligent collector of all things Mayday. Okay so that person doesn't exist, but we can pretend, right? Anyway, we're also slapping out five never-been-released tracks by IMR. So now that corner of the room is cleared out and we can sweep up over there, oh boy. Anyway #2, you're getting 1 hour and 20 minutes of strangeness and weirdness for free! Be happy! Get yourself some! Click below for the free download, and select the option to Save or Save As. It's one big 150 MB zip file, so have a little patience and unzip it when you're done. Audio files in it are mp3-320 format. We don't collect any info about you.