21,22,24,28,29.Jul.2006: Five chances are all you get to see the first American expressionist play The Adding Machine, written in 1923 by Elmer Rice. It's a play about hopelessness and despair. About being nothing. Going nowhere. What did you expect from Houston? Yours truly will be in the band, playing theremin and adding dissonance and disruption throughout. Oh, I live for that. Come out and see it, y'all! Here's a link to the myspace site for the play. 17.May.2006: Thanks to all who showed up for the Mother's Day show at Super Happy Fun Land on Sunday. The only thing rarer than a live IMR gig is the number of people who witness it. Anyway, we all had fun. The dynamic duo that is price taggery opened the night with meditative electronics punctuated by blasts of throbbing intensity. It was very sonic and very well received. Thanks guys! IMR was up next, playing theremin, photo oscillator, the AN-15 sequence synthesizer, one tape, one sampler, and two circuit bent clock-radios. Lastly, percussionist extraordinaire Stephen Flinn took (a corner of) the stage and wowed us with his highly skilled and creative performance. He was quite mesmerizing, using a variety of techniques on a variety of commercial and homemade instruments to create some fascinating acoustic audio textures, while weaving it all into a cohesive whole. Stephen has a life-long dedication to his craft, and it really shows. Here’s Stephen from the show: 14.May.2006: It's Mother's Day, so get ready for a motherfukker of a show: Infant Mortality Rate will be playing live at Super Happy Fun Land! First live outing since January '05. IMR will be opening for San Franciscan improv purcussionist Stephen Flinn, so get ready to freak out, cats and chicks. 05.Feb.2006: Finally found those Puer Æternis reviews from last century. Typed em up just for you. 30.Dec.2005: Have linked some song titles to mp3 files for your listening playzjure. Nov.2005: This web site is here, have a cigar! Thanks to my great friend Mary Ann for birthing this infant endeavor and slapping it on the butt. Now that it's home from the birthing ward, it's time for some "hard love" parenting from yours truly. Bwa-ha- ha-ha! Sep.2005: Mayday Records is proud to announce the release of Infant Mortality Rate's latest CDR Radio-Electronics. All sounds on this disc originate from old clock- radios that IMR has personally and uniquely modified. These alterations have brought forth torturous sounding howls, screeches from an electonic hell, and whimpers of analog sorrow. The thirteen songs reveal a cut-n-paste collage of circuitry in its death-throws. The captive appliances, whose only desire was to serve their owners by waking them from a peaceful slumber, are never to be released from their eternal, yet oddly blissful, electronic damnation.
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