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27.Dec.2008: We have a new release from Mayday Records -- so pop the cork and down the hatch with that champaign (oh wait, that's for New years Eve). Anywho, Rare Hungry Birds burned their hit single Voting Booth 2.1 to a mini-CDR to give away to those who saw and experienced their installations Voting Booth 2.1 and 2.2. From a limited run of 50, they are now offering the remaining copies to you, gentle internet browsers, for a very modest sum. See our catalog page for more info. And happy almost new year! 24.Oct to 3.Nov.2008: Our fine feathered friends Rare Hungry Birds are taking their neato art piece, Voting Booth 2.1, on a mini-tour of some of Houston's progressive hot spots. We really hope you can make it to one of these events to view it, listen to it, and talk to the nice RHB staff about it. And if you can't be there, please send RHB your good thoughts and hopes for a fair, honest, and problem-flee evection. Here's the schedule so far: -> 24.Oct, 1 PM onward at KPFT, with live appearance on their "Living Art" program -> 26.Oct, 4:30 PM to 6 PM, Rice U. campus near Valhalla -> 30.Oct, 7 PM onward at KPFT, with an appearance on their "Progressive Forum" program -> 2.Nov, 2 to 4 PM, Vinal Edge Records, 13171 Veterans Memorial Drive -> 3.Nov, evening, Aerosol Warfare, 2110 Jefferson at Hutchins -> possible other places and dates TBA, so check back often And Rare Hungry Birds want me to remind you to get out and vote! 27.June.2008: Added individual pages for each artist we represent! And it's about time, huh. Also did some minor html spiffing up kinda stuff. 18.May.2008: Mayday Records is proud to announce the addition of another band to our label! They are called Rare Hungry Birds and hail from the treetops of Houston Heights. Like all rare species, they may be difficult to find, but we'll be sure to announce all of their upcoming releases and events here, so fear not. More info on our Artists page. 02.Feb.2008: Mayday Records finally has a snail-mail address! Yes, you can now put pencil to paper and write unsolicited letters to us. Ready? It's P.O. Box 70611, Houston, TX 77270. We check the box regularly, honest. 15.Dec.2007: See Infant Mortality Rate live at Super Happy Fun Land! First time in over a year! IMR will be playing 2nd after Mr. Obliviated and before the Delta Block and Sad Pygmy. Come out and enjoy one of the last shows at this venue before they get torn down and have to move somewhere else. 4.Nov.2007: Updated the Artists page with up-to-date info on IMR, and also updated the Links page. 4.Dec.2006: Finally put up some photos of the 24-Nov-06 show, so see what you missed! Wasp & Pear: Mugwumps: Kairos: Chiasma: IMR: Bully Pulpit: There was a good sized crowd this time to see some great bands, so many freaky thanks to Aeron for putting on this show. 24.Nov.2006: It's the Friday after Thanksgiving, so come waddle over to Super Happy Fun Land for the 'Abstration002' showcase of noise and get aurally assaulted by Kai/ros, Mugwumps, Infant Mortality Rate, Bully Pulpit, Chiasma, BRR, and Wasp & Pear. Yup, IMR makes it's second live outing of the year. This is a promotional show for the upcoming Abstration002 CD compilation on the Molecular Reconstruction Network label. I don't know if IMR is on the CD or not, but if not that one, then the next one fur shur.