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29.May.2011: Okay friends, now a couple updates: 1. Audio from the ZineFest jam is now up on, direct link here. 2. IMR's new CD, Down in Waves of Ether, is now available for your purchasing pleasure (yea!). Just a-click on it's name. Samples from the CD to follow soon, promise. 25.May.2011: Wow. I mean, like, wow wow wow. This is not one of those news announcements we normally do, it's more of a post-event report. Like on the nightly news: "something happened already and you probably missed it so we're going to tell you how interesting it was, blah blah blah..." "Okay already! What was it?", you ask. Simply the magical event of the release of a new Infant Mortality Rate CD plus a live IMR performance at ZineFest Houston 2011! On May 21, 2011 -- the day of the Rapture!!! ZineFest Houston was held last Saturday on the roof of the popular hip hangout known as Khon's, in midtown H-town. Lots of local folks got together and hawked their ziney wares to all comers. Six bands were invited to play, the last four of which were Muzak John, IMR, Carlos Pozo, and Rotten Piece. But IMR nearly sh1t their pants when, in the process of setting up, it was realized that a box of equipment was left at home, thus necessitating a speedy drive back to the IMR rat cave to retrieve said forgotten items. Luckily, Carlos was cool about swapping positions in the line-up and he performed a beautiful dreamy set. IMR's set featured the never-before-used-live Sequential Circuits ProOne synth and the homemade Smile Machine. The music was basically one long jam with three structured segments, one being a resurrection of a Turmoil in the Toybox hit, and the other two being new songs on the new CD. The music was well received, and after Rotten Piece did a mind-blowing set, Carlos, RP, and IMR joined together for a 20 minute- ish Jam of the Giants. I think we got a good recording of that, and the audio will be posted soon (as another news item). Pictures from the event cam be viewed here: So now the CD: It's called Down in Waves of Ether. There are 13 tracks, including a live bit from the 2009 KTRU Outdoor Show. Got it finished just 2 days before ZineFest, and wouldn't you know it, the music computer died a permanent death the morning after it was done. What a trooper that old PC was. I can't help but think it hung on and sacrificed itself out of loyalty. I'd give it a proper burial in the back yard but that wouldn't be ecologically sound. Anyway, the CD will be up on our catalog page soon, along with song samples. You should definitely check it out, and buy a gross or two. 04.Jul.2010: Today we've added convenient shopping cart features to this site, courtesy of paypal. Plus we've lowered the prices on everything! Permanently! With FREE shipping! So, what are you waiting for, start shopping already! 26.Jun.2010: The Spring 2010 issue of the Rice Radio Folio has a nice interview with IMR, and we are happy to share it with you here. 12.Apr.2009: A good sized crowd took in the sounds as IMR got going on the main stage late/mid-afternoon at the KTRU Outdoor Show yesterday. There were no major technical hickups and everything flowed smoothly. All in all, a very satisfying 30 minute set. New songs were debuted, and a reprise of Hunt (performed back in Dec. 07) was included along with some spacey jams. We'll try to get some photos up soon. Were you there? Did you see IMR? If not, did you listen as the event was broadcast live on KTRU? We got lots of good feedback from the aud, with only the low volume of the PA being an issue. I expect next show should contain an appropriate ear- splitting number of decibels. When will that be? Hmmm... don't know yet, but, as always, check back often. BTW, the organizers and volunteers did a great job of, well, organizing and keeping the show going. Hats off to them. And I would encourage folks to listen to KTRU! 30.Mar.2009: Here at Mayday Records, we like rice. We also like radio. So, natch, we really like Rice Radio (KTRU 91.7 FM in Houston). Thus we were especially honored when Rice Radio asked Infant Mortality Rate to play the KTRU Outdoor Show this year! And its free, huzzah! Go to the Rice University campus on Saturday, April 11, to see IMR live on stage. IMR is scheduled to be in the middle of the pack, going on around 2:15 PM. There will be a number of other bands, too, so bring a blanket, hang around a while, and enjoy the tunes (and record sale, and merch, and food, and drink!).