Lazy Squid Back Catalog
We are honored to include here a small window into Houston's punk rock history. These are some of the items carried by the Lazy Squid Rekkids label in the 1990s. Recently found safely stashed away in boxes, all are brand new and in mint condition (except Texas Cyborg, a burn-on-demand CDR that I gratuitously included). Please click on the pictures below for pricing and additional info on each item.
SAD PYGMY Texas Cyborg CDR LS-WTF, 1999
SAD PYGMY Dos, Dos, Dos CD LS-222, 1998
SAD PYGMY You Must Be At Least This High to Ride CD LS-035, 1996
SAD PYGMY Sweat and Cigarettes 7 inch vinyl LS-028, 1996
SAD PYGMY Psychic Intestine CD LSCD-016, 1995
V / A Risk is Just a Part of the Game CD LSCD-011, 1994
SAD PYGMY Tomato Halo CD or cassette LSCD-004 / LSCS-004, 1993
SAD PYGMY Sometimes Nightmares 7 inch record LSEP-003, 1993
V / A Third World War double 7 inch vinyl (extremely limited!) Bunkhouse Records #2, 1994
V / A Manifestation V CD (limited numbers!) Awefull Records, 1993